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Brand: Nidodileda Model: B-217 TYPE
Description“Perdita”, features a low-V mini purple sequined vintage dress with the most amazing bell sleeves. This rich colored dress has a zip closure at the back and a belt to knot either in front or at the back! Match it perfectly with “Methone” lingerie pants and you’ll have a statement appearan..
210.00€ 81.90€
Brand: Nidodileda Model: B-228 TYPE
Description“Hyperion” features a black multi studded belt with silver medallions and a pin fastening at the backDetailsSmooth LeatherPin Buckle FasteningPin Closure At Back100% LeatherLength 1.06 cm..
Brand: Nidodileda Model: B-229 TYPE
Description“Cinope” brown leather belt is embellished with bronze metals and a half-moon buckle in front. DetailsSmooth LeatherPin Buckle FasteningPin Closure At Back100% LeatherLength 0,98 cm..
Brand: Nidodileda Model: B-234 TYPE
DescriptionThe significant bronze and silver medallions with multicolor stones throughout “Hego” belt are an absolute jewel. This retro bohemian belt is a necessity!These oh so beautiful retro trousers are a definite head turner! “Tarvos” is rouged in the front with a side zip closure, just magnific..
126.00€ 49.14€
Brand: Nidodileda Model: B-243 TYPE
Description“Leo” features a shiny embellished velvet pattern throughout, rouged in front with a high slit embracing your figure in the most elegant way.  Its dramatic, retro and beautiful, an ultimately feminine dress!Details90% PL 10% SP..
210.00€ 81.90€
Brand: Nidodileda Model: B-244 TYPE
Description“Chiara” features a sensational studded bodycon midi dress in a veraman color. Its close fitting figure, rouged right in the front, with a high slit, creates an ultimately feminine look!Details50% VSC  50% PL..
210.00€ 81.90€
Brand: Nidodileda Model: B-245 TYPE
Description“Erinome” features a red embroidered velvet bodycon mini dress, with a fascinating square neckline and statement buttons. Simply stunning, highlighting its vintage and retro aesthetics! Details50% PC 30% PL 15% WV 5%SP..
280.00€ 109.20€
Brand: Nidodileda Model: B-204 Black
Description “Molus” maxi skirt features a long and dramatic, black ripped tulle. With its elastic waist, “Molus” fits small to regular large sizes, is comfortable and absolutely stunning. Match it with “Molus” top and “Moon” belt and you’ve got a classy outfit.Details100% PL One Size ..
168.00€ 65.52€
Brand: Nidodileda Model: B-205 Floral
Description “Alcmene” features a beautiful dijon floral top with black lace detailing expressing an essence of gypsy and latin temperament. Wear it with “Zest” belt and pair it with “Alcmene” skirt or your favorite jeans.DetailsRegular fit to S/M Regular fit to M/L 100% VISC Adjust..
112.00€ 43.68€
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