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Brand: Nidodileda Model: B-202 Black
Description “Helen” is a gypsy inspired crop top in shiny black, rich purple or golden sunstone colors. With decorative wooden buttons you can wear this necessary top, front or back, off shoulder or up. Match it with “Themis” skirt in any preferable color or your jeans.Details100% VISC ..
98.00€ 67.62€
Brand: Nidodileda Model: B-204 Black
Description “Molus” maxi skirt features a long and dramatic, black ripped tulle. With its elastic waist, “Molus” fits small to regular large sizes, is comfortable and absolutely stunning. Match it with “Molus” top and “Moon” belt and you’ve got a classy outfit.Details100% PL One Size ..
168.00€ 115.92€
Brand: Nidodileda Model: B-205 Floral
Description “Alcmene” features a beautiful dijon floral top with black lace detailing expressing an essence of gypsy and latin temperament. Wear it with “Zest” belt and pair it with “Alcmene” skirt or your favorite jeans.DetailsRegular fit to S/M Regular fit to M/L 100% VISC Adjust..
112.00€ 77.28€
Brand: Nidodileda Model: B-206 Floral
Description “Alcmene” features a fine dijon floral wrap skirt, that when paired with its matching “Alcmene” top, gypsy and Latin temperament outbursts. Wear it with “Helen” top in black or purple and you’ll have an ultra-stylish look.Details100% VISC One Size Dry Clean Wrap Design ..
140.00€ 96.60€
Brand: Nidodileda Model: B-209 Powder
Description “Swan” dress, carries a bohemian inspiration, featuring light rose ripped tulle, oversized to bring you comfort! Wear it over “Cygnus”, “Pylous” set or your favorite jeans for a relaxed yet amazing look.Details80% PL 20% SP One Size Hand Wash Up To 30 Sheer Textile Ex..
238.00€ 164.22€
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