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Brand: Original Marines Model: B649NMPDE 164132TCX
Description:The childrens pants Original Marines READY SET GO PANTALONI NAVETTA are ideal for your childs everyday activities.Composition:Made from high-quality materials 98% cotton, 2% elastane / SpandexDetails:Designed for comfort and freedom of movementModern design that matches any outfit..
Brand: MAULI Model: 505.00.60A DARK DENIM
Description:The product MAULI BASIC-BABY M (505.00.60A DARK DENIM) is a comfortable and stylish pants for babies.Composition:High-quality fabric that ensures comfort and freedom of movement 98% cotton, 2% elastane.Details:Color: Dark Denim ..
Brand: MAULI Model: 022.00.85J BRICK RED
Description:The MAULI COUCH TO COAST-BABY M (022.00.85J BRICK RED) is a pair of pants for kids, ideal for spring and summer outfits. Its style is modern and versatile, made of high-quality fabric that ensures comfort and freedom of movement.Composition:Made of high-quality fabric, 3% elastane, 97% c..

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Brand: MAULI Model: 018.00.85H DARK ORANGE
Description:MAULI NATURAL SINERGY-BABY M (018.00.85H DARK ORANGE) is a comfortable and stylish pants for babies, Composition:Made from high-quality materials 97% cotton, 3% elastaneDetails:The color is dark orange, offering a modern and vibrant color for your little one.Material: Quality cotton that..
Brand: MAULI Model: 011.00.75A BLUE
Description:The MAULI CERIMONIA SPRING-BABY M (011.00.75A BLUE) pants are the perfect choice for your little one.Composition:Made from high-quality fabric, 97% cotton, 3% elastane  provide comfort and freedom of movement for every activity.Details:Color: BlueSuitable for any seasonElastic waist for ..
Brand: MAULI Model: 012.00.15G BEIGE
Description:The MAULI CERIMONIA PRIMAVERA-BABY M (012.00.15G BEIGE) product is a standout pair of pants known for its sophisticated design.Composition:Made from high-quality fabric, 97% cotton, 3% elastane, providing comfort and freedom of movement for all activities.Details:Color: BeigeThese pants ..
Brand: MAULI Model: 012.02.35H YELLOW
Description:The product MAULI NATURAL SINERGY-BABY M (012.02.35H YELLOW) is a  pair of pants that stands out for its quality and easy-to-wear cut.Composition:Made from natural materials, 97% cotton, 3% elastane, this garment is comfortable and soft to touch, making it ideal for all your babys everyd..
Brand: MAULI Model: 008.00.85C BROWN
Description:The MAULI LITTLE PUPPIES-NURSERY M (008.00.85C BROWN) is an adorable pair of pants for babies.Composition:Made from soft fabric that provides comfort and freedom of movement for your little ones. 100% cotton.Details:Soft and safe clothes for your baby that are perfect for everyday use.Th..
Brand: MAULI Model: 007.00.91Y BEIGE
Description:The MAULI LITTLE PUPPIES-NURSERY M (007.00.91Y BEIGE) is a pair of trousers, an elegant garment for babies.Composition:The fabric is of high quality, made of 55% linen, 45% cotton, providing comfort when worn.Details:Elegant beige trousersHigh-quality fabrics for comfort and protection o..
Brand: MAULI Model: 003.00.15C BEIGE
Description:This Mauli Ciao Mare-Nursery M pants feature exceptional quality and comfort. Composition:Made from high-quality fabric 97% cotton, 3% elastane in beige color Details:This garment is perfect for all ages and occasions and can be easily paired with other items in your wardrobe.Color: Beig..
Brand: MAULI Model: 002.00.93Z FANTASY
Description:The product MAULI CIAO MARE-NURSERY M (002.00.93Z FANTASY) is a stylish clothing pants for your babys nursery.Composition:With high-quality fabrics and pleasant colors, 100% cotton, this jumpsuit offers comfort and style to your baby.Details:Color: FantasyMaterial: Durable and soft fabri..
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