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Μπουφάν και Αμάνικα

Brand: MAULI Model: 999.88000. BLUE
Translated text in English with HTML tags preserved: Description:The MAULI CERIMONIA ESTATE-NURSERY M (999.88000. BLUE) is a wonderful piece of clothing that will make you stand out. With a unique style and comfortable fit, this garment is ideal for any occasion.Composition:High-quality fabric that ..
Brand: MAULI Model: 501.00.60A BLUE
Description:The MAULI SAILOR-BABY M (501.00.60A BLUE) is a beautiful and comfortable garment for babies that stands out for its quality and style. Composition:Made of high-quality fabric 98% cotton, 2% elastane for comfort and durabilityDetails:This product offers:High quality constructionModern and..

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Brand: MAULI Model: 003.00.75B BLUE
Description:The MAULI SAILOR-BABY M is a garment with classic nautical style, in blue color.Composition:It consists of high-quality 100% polyester fabric that is soft and comfortable for the baby.Details:This garment is ideal for your babys everyday outfits, offering style and comfort at the same ti..
Brand: MAULI Model: 001.00.91Y BEIGE
Description:The product MAULI LITTLE PUPPIES-NURSERY M (001.00.91Y BEIGE) is a stylish beige vest.Composition:Made from high-quality fabric 45% cotton, 55% linen.Details:Soft texture that is gentle on the babys skin.Comfortable fit for babys free movement...
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